Brook Edge Farms

Ferndale, NY


Brook Edge Farms is proud to offer quality German Shepherd puppies. Contact Debbie and Wally Norris for availability and information on upcoming litters at 914-799-5357.


Black and silver, large boned old fashioned German Shepherd with low drive. Excellent family dog. Personable, loyal, and loving demeanor. He is the son of Harlen and father of Gator.

Colt and River litter: December 2021

Colt and Kymber litter: September 2021

Colt and Sage litter: December 2020

Colt and Sage litter: February 2020

Colt and Sage litter: May 2019

Colt and River litter: March 2018


Black and tan, long haired, large boned old style German Shepherd. Big and sweet, low drive, and loves kids.

Gator and River litter: January 2023



New addition to the Brook Edge Farms German Shepherds breeding program. Son of Colt.


Harlen has passed, but his spirit and gorgeous pups are very much apart of the Brook Edge Farms breeding program. Father of Colt, grandfather of Gator and Dutton.

Harlen and Lily litter: March 2016

Harlen and Hope litter: March 2016