Brook Edge Farms

Ferndale, NY

Join us on May 14th, August 6th, and September for our horse shows at the farm!


From the South: Take 17 W to Exit 104. Bear left onto Rt 17B (past Monticello Raceway). Go approximately 3 miles. After a mobile station on the left, used cars on the right, make the 1st right onto Creamery Rd. Go to the stop sign (50 yds.) and make right onto Gale Rd. Farm is 2 miles on the left.

From the North: Take 17 E to Exit 104. At light, make right onto 17B. Follow the above directions.

From PA: Take Rt 97 from Narrowsburg. Make left onto 52/County Rd. 11 toward Monticello. Stay on County Rd 115 to the end. Make right onto 17B. Go approximately 7.3 miles. Make left onto Gale Rd. Go 2 miles, farm is on the left.


Year End Award Banquet

Show Day Phone #: 845-292-5311

Rules and Regulations

1. Riders to be properly attired for all classes. Protective headgear required at all times when mounted. All riders under the age of 18 must have ASTM approved helmets.

2. NO dogs unless leashed.

3. Entry fees: $25 per class, $30 PHA class, $35 M&S class as well as class 22, Carrie's Rescues Hunter Derby.

4. Every animal entered for competition shall be under the control of the Committee but neither Brook Edge Farms nor the Committee will be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur. The Committee, Brook Edge Farms, or it's owners and staff, and employees or agents shall not be liable whatsoever for any injury to person or property of any spectator, visitor, exhibitor, groom, or any person by reason of any event occurring during the show including Gross Neglect by anyone. Signatures on the Entry form are confirmation of this agreement being read and understood.

5. Equitation classes to be judged on seat, hands, and control of horse. Hunter classes to be judged on soundness and performance.

6. The Committee reserves the right to decline any entry fees before the starting of the classes involved, without being liable for compensation.

7. The Committee reserves the right to remove any spectator or exhibitor or their agents and representatives from the show grounds for any improper behavior, since the grounds are private property and presence is by invitation only.

8. The Committee reserves the right to combine or cancel any classes or to divide classes whenever entries warrant.

9. Trophy and six ribbons to each class. Championship trophies and ribbons and reserve ribbons in each division.

10. Warm-up Add Back prize money will be awarded by check when closing out.

11. $250 Trainer Award to be given to the trainer whose students accumulate the most points (All points to count). Trainer must be listed on entry blank before showing of classes.

Ring I

8:00AM Start

00. Warm-Up Add Back (Schooling)

Warm-up Add Back will be open all day for each appropriate height.

Available in both show rings.

Half the entry money will pay back 

1st - 50%, 2nd - 30%, 3rd - 20%

Mini-Stirrup Equitation

Open to junior riders who have not cantered or jumped.

1**. W/T Equitation 

2. W/T Hunter

3. W/T Pleasure

4. W/T Ground Poles

Short/Long Stirrup

Open to Riders who have not jumped 2' or higher.

If entries warrant, class will be split as follows

Section A - 12 & under

Section B - 13-17 year old

Section C - 18 and over

5. Hunter U/S

6. Equitation U/S

7**. Equitation Cross Rails 

7H**. Hunter Cross Rails 

Beginner Rider

8. W/T

9. W/T/C

10**. Cross Rails

Pre-Child/Adult Hunter

Open to riders who have not shown over fences exceeding 2'3".

Fences set at 2'

11, 12, 13**.  Pre-Child/Adult Hunter O/F

14. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter U/S

15**. Pre-Child/Adult Equitation O/F


Horses and ponies to be judged on manners, performance,

and soundness at the walk, trot, and canter. 

May be asked to halt and/or back.

16. Pleasure Horse

17. Pleasure Horse

18**. Bridle Path Hack

Lead Line

Open to riders who have never shown without the lead line.

19. Walk

20. Walk

21**. W/T on lead

-Riders must enter any DIVISION to be eligible for WHVPHA points!

-All Child/Adult Hunter Divisions will be split into an A and B. A is for the adults and B is for the children. Child/Adult Hunter Divisons will be split if numbers warrant.

- ** Denotes WHVPHA CLASS

  (1) Denotes the 1st round for the Mashall & Sterling Classics. These include Classes 30, 40, and 47.

  (2) Denotes the 2nd round for the Marshall & Sterling Classics. These include Classes 31, 41, and 48.    

Ring II
9:00AM Start
(In acclimate weather, Ring II will be in the indoor immediately following the conclusion of Ring I)
22. Carrie's Rescues Hunter Derby
Open to all ponies and horses.
To jump their respective heights -
2', 2'6", 3'
One round numerically scored. Must enter and pay for one other division to compete in this class.
All proceeds will be donated to Carrie's Rescue.

Schooling Hunter
Open to horses and ponies. Trotting in corners will not be penalized.
Fences set at 2'
23, 24, 25** - Schooling Hunter O/F
26 - Schooling Hunter U/S

27. WHVPHA Child/Adult Medal 2'
28. M&S Pony Medal (sm/med) 2'

Child/Adult Hunter 2'
29A, 29B, 30A (1), 30B (1), 31A (2)**, 31B (2)** - Hunter O/F
32. - Hunter U/S
103. M&S Child Pony Hunter Classic (sm/med 2')

Low Hunter 2'6"
33, 34, 35** - Low Hunter O/F
36 - Low Hunter U/S

37. M&S Child/Adult Medal 2'6"
38. M&S Pony Medal (Large Pony) 2'6"
106. WHVPHA Ch/Adult Medal 2'6"

Child/Adult Hunter 2'6"
39A, 39B, 40A (1), 40B (1), 41A (2)**, 41B (2)**. - Hunter O/F
42. - Hunter U/S
104. M&S Child Pony Hunter Classic (Lrg 2'6")

43. M&S Bit Of Straw (2 rounds)
44. WHVPHA Child/Adult Medal
45. M&S Child/Adult Medal 3'

Child/Adult Hunter 3'
46A, 46B, 47A (1), 47B (1), 48A (2)**, 48B (2)**. - Hunter O/F
49. - Hunter U/S
105. M&S Child/Adult Hunter Classic 3'

High Hunter 3'
50, 51, 52**. - High Hunter O/F
53. - High Hunter U/S

54, 55, 56**- High Schooling Jumper 3'

57, 58, 59** - Low Schooling Jumper 2'6"

60, 61, 62** - Itty Bitty Jumper 2'

1st Jumper Class - Power & Speed
2nd Jumper Class - Speed
3rd Jumper Class - Table II Section 2B